Book Fees

2017-2018 Book Fees

A complete list of the books included for each grade will be given upon request. This list is to inform parents of the cost for books for each grade. All book fees include a $20.00 charge for membership to the Keystone Christian Education Association.

K-3   90.00
K-4 130.00
K-5 210.00 (includes graduation cap & gown)
First 375.00
Second 360.00
Third 350.00
Fourth 350.00
Fifth 340.00
Sixth 33000
Seventh 300.00
Eighth 315.00
Ninth 340.00
Tenth 460.00
Eleventh 450.00
Twelfth 310.00 (includes graduation cap & gown)

Our curriculum is purchased through A BEKA BOOKS Publications and Bob Jones University Press.